Subscription Plans

My Restaurant Apps has developed the fastest and easiest way to deliver customized apps ever.   As such we can offer our clients low prices at incredible value.    Our pricing can and will pay for itself every month.

Pricing is in three parts, Setup Program fees, monthly subscriptions and options/services.

Multi-Year Plans

These plans offer substantial discounts for longer terms.   We offer one, two and three year plans which will save you considerably and improve the  value of your App.  Your pricing will not be increased for the duration of your plan.

3 Year Subscription $79/Month

2 Year Subscription $89/Month

1 Year Subscription $99/Month

Month-to-Month Plan

This plan have no commitment whatsoever.   You pay monthly as you go.   These would be great for short term events or for those who are not quite sure that at App is really what they need.

Most Flexible: Month-to_Month $129/Month

You can upgrade to a longer term plan at any time.

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