About our Pricing

Our Pricing…

We believe that everyone needs to have value for moneys paid for any product or service, especially today.

Technology, especially mobile applications, have been overpriced for the value received which has kept them from being widely adopted by smaller businesses and organizations.

Simple Plans

We have adopted a simple, straight-forward, value-focused pricing model with no “gotchas” or catches.   It is based upon three components: Setup Programs, Subscription Plans, and Options.

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Setup Programs

You choose the features you want and then we create them.

To begin, everyone needs a “Starter Plan” that gets you your App that has many of the most popular features. We will publish it in the Apple and Google App stores and provide marketing, training and support for you for the duration of your subscription.

Pricing begins as low as $499.

After that, you can add an eCommerce Setup program or wait until at a later time when your ready!

Setup Plans


You choose the term of your subscription to allow you to manage your own costs.

Subscription pricing remains the same regardless of what features you have in your App.   Pricing is determined solely by the duration of the subscription term.

Our terms are flexible with subscriptions ranging from Month-to-Month up to Three Years.

Pricing begins as low as $75/Month (includes a pre-pay discount and 3 year subscription)

If you want to make a change to your subscription, you can do it at any time on a pro-rated basis.

During the life of your subscription we will  support & maintain your App for no additional fees.

Subscription Plans


We offer a wide range of products and services to help you use, market and maintain your Mobile App.

These include content update services, tablet graphic design, professional photography, marketing material development,  social media consulting, mobile web page design and much more.

If you don’t see an offering that you need, contact us!

Options and Services