Food & Merchandise Account Setup – PayPal (New!)

To set up your shopping cart with PayPal there’s a few things you’re going to need…..

  1. Paypal Account
  2. Paypal Application ID
  3. PayPal API Credentials

​To register for a PayPal account, please go to and sign up for free. 

To find the PAYPAL APPLICATION ID follow the steps below!!

Paypal Application ID – Part 1

1. Open in your browser. Click the “Get Started” Button

2. Sign in to your PayPal account, and click on “New App”

3. Fill out the App’s Information

*Fill out everything with the little red asterisks

Title: This is the title of your app
Platform: This should be iPhone
Description: Write a summary of how the food ordering, merchandise, or shopping cart systems work
Use Case list: The most common choices are: Digital Goods, Marketplace, Services, and Storefront

4. Keep filling out information – be sure to click on the drop down arrows on the left side of each *required* section

Adaptive Payments: Basic Payments are enough
– Checkout, and Payment Details should be checked

Expected Monthly Payment volume and Average Transaction amount?
– Fill these out according to your business’ plans for the shopping cart

Who is responsible for chargebacks or refunds?
– Either your company, or your PayPal account

5. Fill out the last bit of information

Fill out step by step instructions on how someone is supposed to use your ordering service, and how they are support to pay.

For the section of supplying a test account and password, please use any random username and password you can think of.

Please upload a logo for your business.

6. Get the LIVE APP ID, not the SandBox ID

Paypal API Credentials – Part 2

1. Open and log-in

2.Under tabs click on “profile” – MAKE SURE YOUR STATUS READS: VERIFIED

3. Click on “My Selling Tools” to find an “API Access” section

4.Click on “Set up Paypal API credentials and permissions” , and Request your API Credentials

5. Take down your credentials for us!

*Please note: Your API Username is not the same as your Paypal Username

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