“Free” vs. Your Own App Savings Calculator

Use the calculator below to see how much money the free services are costing you and how much MORE you can make with Your Own App from My Restaurant Apps, then contact us below for a free demo app and have Your Own App in just a few days!

Sure, there are many services out there offering “free” online restaurant menus within their web sites and apps.   Companies like GrubHubSeamlessDelivery.com among others…

Do they offer a free service for restaurants to list their menus so customers can purchase them?   Yep.
Do they charge merchant fees?  Nope.
But are they really free??   Let’s look into it…

  1. Not a member of the service?   Then you’re not listed.
  2. Sell something on the “Free” Service?   You get paid less 15 to 20% of the order.
  3. Want to be listed higher in results?  Pay higher % of your sales.
  4. Want to send messages to your customers?   Nope, can’t do that.
  5. Want to NOT be listed with your competitors, even with a repeat customer?  Nope you are ALWAYS in competition with other merchants!
  6. Want your funds from the order?   Of course, just wait 5-6 weeks.  You don’t need that money do you??
  7. How many of your Online Customer’s are really new???    Once they try you then they’re not!!   Why keep paying?
  8. Want to sell beer, wine or spirits?   Nope, not allowed.   As long as you can sell it, Your Own App can too!

Interesting isn’t it?


Contact us about getting a free demo of your business’s App that you can run on your phone and see how this all works!

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