App Features

Your Own App

Your mobile application, with your name and business information, not a third party application that just mentions you… This is not a generic solution!  Everything is customized for you. Your colors. Your content. Your features. All designed for your business needs.

Your App will work on ALL mobile devices – iPhone, Android, iPad, Windows, Blackberry –  and will be available in both the Apple iTunes and Google Play App Stores.

It’s easy! We handle all the technical development and details, including creation, service, maintenance and updates!   You can concentrate on just your business.

Here is a brief list of features:

All Your Business Information

Your app will have your location, email, phone, images, blogs, products, services, updates…

Everything that you want to present to your clients, fans and customers!

Always-Current Content

We provide you with your own easy-to-use web page to keep your App’s content up-to-date!

Send Push Messages to your clients instantly!

Your Apps will be automatically updated in minutes.   Menus, Specials, Merchandise, Coupons, & Events!

Your Artwork and Look

This is not a “cookie cutter” approach.   We integrate your logos, marketing material, and color schemes to generate the look and feel of your business!

We have a wide range of stock imagery or we can use yours.

We even offer you the option of coming to your location for a professional photography session to generate impressive graphics, just for your business!

Social Media

Of course, we provide integration with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTubePinterest, LinkedIn, Meetup, MySpace, and more!

If you do not have  a social media site, no problem!  We offer the option of assisting you in creating and managing it as well.

Location-based Maps, Directions & Coupons

Your App knows where your clients are, so you can offer your clients features that will be useful and valuable to them…

including coupons that only activate at your locations…   Directions to your locations, events, or co-Marketing partners…  Local maps showing points-of-interest…

Menus, Specials, Drink Lists, Catalogs, Items, Services…

Any type of catalog, menu or service list can be presented in a variety of ways through your mobile App!

Easy-to-use and maintain, you can update your app as often as you like.

All of your items can also be ordered and payed for via our eCommerce systems through a selection of merchant accounts!

Direct Messaging

Direct messages right on the front of your customers’ phones!   “We are open during the storm!”   “Happy hour tonight!”  “Last minute new band tonight!”   “First five customers get 1/2 dinner entrees!”

Emails are part of the “junk” pile…   Your app gets right in front of your customers!

Mobile Coupons

Coupons just the way you want them- easy and effective.   Time, quantity, duration & security rules give you total control.  Coupons can be linked to the your business/event locations to promote events…

No recurring costs, no wasted distribution of flyers or mailings…   Just direct rewards driving your customers’ actions and rewarding them for their patronage.

Loyalty Programs

Customize loyalty programs to give rewards, prizes and discounts for ongoing patronage- as many as you’d like, as often as you’d like!

“Every 10th cup is free”   “Every 5th entree is 1/2 off”   “3 deliveries and get a small pizza”…

Reservations System

A complete reservation system that is customized for seating, times and services.   Notifies you via your secure web page, email, and even integrates with your on-site printers!

You can also integrate with third party systems such as OpenTable, SeatMe, UrbanSpoon, QuickQue and more!

Event Marketing

You know that your promotions, and your local town/area events drive business.   Your App will now promote them as well!   Improve your event’s effectiveness by being front and center on your customers’ devices!  Easy-to-use and manage updates, images, social media, calendar tie-ins and more!

Music & Playlists

Now your customers or fans can directly get your bands or event playlists, tracks and either listen to them or buy them through your App!

Improve your next musical event by providing the band and musicians a way to market directly to your customers!

Fan Pages

You can provide your customers a central place to share their stories, friendships, photos, and more through your App.   This is a great way for your client’s to build their interest & loyalty with your business, band or event.

Contests & Games

Provide rewards and coupons for your clients participating in promotional contests.   “Drink fifty in the Beer Case”  “First 100 at the stadium get a free T-Shirt”  “Free dinner for 2 with catering event”


Increase sales by providing your items for sale through your App!   You control the times, days, items and services.  You can add delivery and convenience fees and limit radius of services…

Lunch Orders, Merchandise, Services, During-Concert Purchases…   Make it convenient for your customers and they will buy from you!

Shopping Carts

Already have an on-line shopping cart?   We can integrate with it!

Mailing Lists

Do you use mailing-list services to provide email updates and promotions to your customers?   We can integrate your App with it to provide one-stop sign up!

Blogs & News Feeds

Do you have a Blog that your write or one (or more!) that you follow and think your customers would like?   Use your App to feed it to them and keep them in the loop with you.   The best way to improve and grow customer relationships is to have as many communication paths with them as possible!


Do you have business, venues or partners that you want to market with?   Use your App to promote the relationship, event and promotions!   Provide directions, dates and details!   (We also offer discounts for client referrals!)

Third Party Integration

We offer a wide range of integrations to existing applications and services and are always adding more!