Discount Programs

We offer an wide range of discount programs


I have other restaurants/properties do you offer discounts?

Yes!   We base our pricing on the number of locations/properties your have with us and if they are a new App or the same App with additional locations.

If the additional location has the same business format (menu, specials, etc.) it will actually be the same App.  We can add the new location for no additional Startup Program and a 25% reduced monthly subscription fee per restaurant property with us.

If it’s a different format, then it will be a new App.   We offer a 15% discount on both the Startup Program and the monthly subscription for all your properties with us.

I have some business friends who would want an app, is there a referral program?

Yes!   We love referrals!   For each client that you refer to us, we will discount a single App monthly subscription of yours by 10% for as long as they are a client of My Restaurant Apps!

The Referral Program is cumulative, which means that the more Clients you refer to us, and that join with us, the greater your discount all the way to FREE!

And, we do not stop at free!

Once you’ve gotten all of your monthly subscription for free, we begin to pay you at the same rate monthly!   This means that we will actually pay you monthly for as long as those clients are with us!

Do your offer Pre-Payment Discounts for Subscriptions?

Yes!  We offer a 5% discount for pre-payment of annual subscriptions.