About Us

Your Customers, Your Business, Improved.

We founded My Restaurant Apps with one fundamental principle…

Deliver a mobile apps solution to restaurateurs, and other groups, that will allow them to extend and expand their relationships with their customers to improve their business.

A revolution in direct marketing is taking place as you read this.  People are using their phone apps more than their PC’s on a daily basis…

The traditional methods of marketing to your customers through radio, television, newspaper, and flyers can be effective to one extent or another in  broadcasting your messages generally, but none of them allow for a direct, immediate relationship with your customers that can be measurably turned into increased customer visits and subsequent profits.

That is the mission of My Restaurant Apps.

Your App…   Fast.

Our cloud-based technology and business process systems are state-of-the-art.   My Restaurant Apps uses a method of plug-together feature modules and a cloud-based content management system, which can deliver full-featured apps in as little as a day.

No long, costly and risky development!

The cloud allows for easy App management by a non-technical person in just minutes with near instant updates to all mobile clients!   No programming, no geekness, no additional cost.   Your messages, to your clients, now.

Mobile Apps are THE solution for mobile marketing, communication and commerce directly with your clients!

Pricing…   Inexpensive, Flexible.

Pricing is a big concern for all of us today.   We have developed and integrated the best systems, which allow us to lower our time and costs in delivering your App to you.  We then pass our efficiency savings to you!

Voila!  Costs low, ease of use high, and everyone is happy!

Our fixed Startup fees allow you to enable the categories you need such as Relationship Management, Direct Marketing and Ecommerce.   You purchase what you need, when you need it. If you want more later, that’s OK!

Monthly, we charge a subscription fee with your choice of terms, from month-to-month through multi-year.   We even discount pre-payments.

We also allow for early termination of longer term contracts.

Satisfaction.  Guaranteed.

And we have a 100% 30-day guarantee on the subscription.   If your not satisfied, we cancel the subscription and refund it.     Of course, we will make every effort to be sure you are happy and satisfied!


Thank you again for visiting My Restaurant Apps.  Take a look around and then give us a call. We would love to earn your business and help you improve yours!

– My Restaurant Apps Team