5 Reasons That Every Restaurant Needs an Ordering App

Orders may still be coming in through the phone, but with the popularity of online ordering increasing every day, the moments is fast approaching where most customers will expect to be able to submit orders without having to talk to anyone. If that isn’t reason enough to begin taking advantage of one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the restaurant industry, here are five more arguments for “going mobile:”

1. They’ll get larger orders

Some researchers have found that online orders are up to 25% larger! When customers can see the menu, browse add-ons, and review upsells, the result is that they spend more money. It’s a nice revenue boost that can quickly pay for the cost of creating your app.

2. Their customers are online, now, all day, every day!

People spend hours and hours each day online, especially on their mobile devices. As the saying goes, it’s best to meet people where they are. By making ordering available online, you make it that much more convenient for people to submit orders from the screen they are already staring at. Which reminds us…

3. They can book a sale from anywhere

People aren’t nailed to their seats – they’re mobile! By allowing your fans to use an ordering app, they can submit orders no matter what they’re doing. When they’re heading home on a commuter train, stuck in a meeting, or anywhere else that making a call isn’t convenient, they can still be sending you orders. If they aren’t able to do that, they may forget about it, or simply pull leftovers from the fridge when they get home and are hungry and tired.

4. They will smooth out the ordering process

Every restaurateur knows that mistakes in orders really irritate customers. A mobile ordering app cuts the error rate down. Customers can review their orders and type out any special requests. That way, there’s a record of everything the customer wants.

With phone orders, there is a greater chance that an item will be missed or misrecorded, or that a special instruction will be misheard or written incorrectly. With mobile apps, if there are any mistakes on the ticket, the customer has no one to blame but him- or herself. It will still be your job to make them happy, of course (such is life in customer service), but you’ll be able to tell them that you’re happy to “revise their order” to suit whatever their “new requests” are.

5. They’ll get ahead of the competition

The bottom line is that there are plenty of customers that prefer online ordering at this point, and your competitors may already be gearing up to serve them. By publishing your own ordering app, you stay at the forefront of customer service and convenience. This means that an ordering app can become another competitive advantage for you.

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