4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Thinking “Mobile First”

A mostly mobile world has become inevitable.

Mobile search and activity will surpass desktop usage in the very near future, and 66% of users simply won’t return to a website if it gives them trouble on their mobile device. For these reasons, it has become critical for businesses to implement appropriate mobile strategies.

But simple implementation has already become the norm! Now, in order to truly maximize the opportunities present, prepare for future changes, and earn a competitive advantage, small businesses would be well advised to be thinking “mobile first.” That is, not just reluctant publication of an app or mobile site, but enthusiastic embracing of mobile technology into core operations.


Here’s why:

1. It will focus you

Mobile leaves very little room for fluff. In the process of designing your mobile website and app, writing short notifications and offers, and participating in short-length social media, you will focus on what matters most to your business. Your most important offerings will naturally be front-and-center in your thinking, and unimportant distractions will fade.

2. You can make mistakes while it is still relatively early

It’s no longer correct to say that mobile is in an “early” stage of development, but it is still relatively early in terms of total cultural and industry saturation. There is still time to experiment, make mistakes, and correct them. Soon, this window will be closing, and users will have no tolerance for mobile experiences that are not totally polished.

The analogous experience would be to go to an outdated website. Now that beautiful websites have become the norm, are you still able to take a business seriously if the website doesn’t look professional? Many consumers are not.

Mobile will soon be the same way, if it isn’t already.

3. It can boost innovation

Testing out new business strategies will open up your thinking and invigorate your business. Many things are possible with mobile technology, and by getting into the game, you may find new ways to connect with customers, improve your offerings, and increase revenue. In a way, a mobile first approach can help your business stay “young” in its attitude toward community interaction.

4. You can get ahead of the competition

Mobile strategies are a must, but many small business owners still lag behind. By taking charge and adopting a mobile first approach, you can gain a significant edge over your competition. Since users are clamoring for mobile interaction, they will favor the business that gives it to them. Be the first mover, and you can get a big jump on the competition.

By the time competitors decide to participate, you’ll already be miles ahead.

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