Updating Images within Your App

Content may be King but your images are the Queen and must not be ignored!

One of the best things you can do to keep your client’s using the App and listening to your message is to keep updating your Events, Coupons, Menu’s, Newsfeeds, etc…

If you can’t remember the last time you changed it… it’s too long!

One of the best things to change and keep fresh are the images!

What are the correct image background sizes?

Save the image either as a JPG or PNG format (if your not sure what these are check here.

JPG:  We recommend using JPG for most images as it produces a smaller file size and makes you App quicker to load.

PNG:  We recommend using PNG when you want the background color to show through such as for embedding images within your Descriptions.

Section                                                  Mobile                      iPad

Button Backgrounds                      640 x 840                 960 x 1260

Slider Images                                   640 x 920                 960 x 1260   (contact us to update these)

Food Ordering Item                       320 x 460                 N/A

Event Item Header                         640 x 240                 N/A

Images within Descriptions        500 x 500                  N/A

Coupon/Reward Images               500 x 500                  N/A

Gallery Images                                 640 x How tall you want…